Annual Yellowstone Bison Petting Competition Set to Begin July 15th


The first annual Yellowstone bison petting competition is set to start July 15th. Spectators from around the world will gather around the backdrop of Old Faithful as our nation’s most intelligent compete for the exclusive “touron” crown.

The event’s date is aimed to coincide with the beginning of the yearly bison rut in the peak of summer heat. Competitors don helmets and attempt to pet a bison as long as possible before getting gored. There are no rules. In fact, there are no judges. Each competitor is responsible for finding his or her own bison to compete with.

A selfie stick is required to capture proof of your round with the bison. Surviving competitors will report to the medical clinic after their round is over to submit proof to rangers. The winners will be posted on Yellowstone’s Instagram page for instant fame.

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Click to check out a neat book about the dangers of Yellowstone –

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Being within 25 yards of any bison is HIGHLY dangerous, and visitors to the park are encouraged not to participate in the competition, or approach any animals.

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